Building a startup is like: “Going around a corner that never ends”

The Fintech panel at the KinnerLat conference 2019 in Panama featured Carlos Vega from Tesorio, Felipe Echandi from Cuanto, Raymond Katz from Adelantos, Luis Ruben from Yotepresto and Raquel Garcia from Credicorp. A few choice quotes from Tesorio CEO Carlos Vega: building a startup early on and trying to find product-market fit is like “going […]

How to moderate the Best Crypto Panel ever; Tips for a highly engaging panel that your audience will love

by Adrian Scott, Ph.D., Founder/CEO of Freedom Stack Originally posted in Crypto Daily at Hi folks, I am Adrian Scott, founder of Freedom Stack. If you want to become a profitable investor or already are one and want to have a handy mobile app to make trades while managing risk, please take a moment […]

NN Taleb is talking about Bitcoin for Lebanon as Central Bank replacement

The Bitcoin force is strong in Nassim Nicholas Taleb. He calls Bitcoin the only solution for freedom from rule by central bankers, and said it on national TV in Lebanon. Don’t forget to try out our amazing new mobile app Zooch! , plus subscribe to this blog to get notifications of new posts, plus follow me on Twitter and Instagram, and get trading […]

Want to poop in China? Facial recognition if you want toilet paper – I sh*t you not

You may have heard that China has gone gaga over facial recognition technology. It appears in government areas — China now fingerprints and photographs all foreigners entering the country. And it appears in private locations — such as entering business buildings (hello, Alibaba). But this latest one may take the cake. In the Hangzhou train […]

Improv for Business People… Why? The Hat Game

I regularly do “improv” — improvisation. Sometimes we rehearse and practice in a small group, sometimes I perform in public. What is improv? Well, first of all, it’s not stand-up comedy. In fact, improv doesn’t even need to be comedy or make you laugh, even though a lot of improv scenes are quite funny. You […]