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Hello, I'm Adrian Scott.

I help build and deploy technology and social media/networking products for companies and startups. I am also an advisor to Legitmix and MyDream. I have a history of helping companies architect, build and ship software and Internet services. I am particularly interested in metrics-driven feedback loops, especially around behavior design and habit creation. You can find out more about my services at When I have availability, I can be available on a consulting basis, or on a retainer for part-time architecture, product/metric/habit design, and other areas of assistance.

I most recently founded and built Coderbuddy, a PAAS (platform as a service) enabling web-based development, testing and deployment of software applications to the cloud.

I have a business blog at Testing Gets Real.

I founded Ryze, a leading business networking service which pioneered the decade's social networking boom starting in 2001, heavily influencing Friendster, which in turn influenced MySpace and Facebook.

In the past, I built Internet technology for companies including Charles Schwab & Co., Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard, Symantec and several startups. I later co-founded a startup called Flycode, which was formerly known as AppleSoup. I recruited most of the team and helped raise the nearly $4 million in funding.

I was a founding investor in Napster, angel investor in Giganet and (both successfully sold to publicly-traded companies), and advisor to Starmine, which was sold to Thomson Reuters. Prior to that I was a Cadet Colonel in the Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary, at age 17, and earned a Math Ph.D. in nonlinear optimization from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at age 20.

Best wishes,

P.S. My Ryze page is here

Interesting Things

Some things I'm particularly interested in these days:

Finance: Behavioral Finance, Structure of Markets, Manias/Booms/Busts, Private Equity Transactions, History, Trading Systems, Investment Strategies

Technology: FPGA's, Dynamic Silicon, Storage, Caching, Microprocessors, Optics, Quantum Theory, MEMS, Databases, Software Development Standards

Health Sciences: Preventative Medicine, Nutrition, Exercise, Evolutionary Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Protein Folding

Private Portfolio

Private startups I have invested in or advise:

  Napster, MP3 Sharing

  Starmine, Measuring Analyst Performance

  On24, Webcasting Solutions Provider

  Matisse Software, SQL-Object Programmable Data Server (formerly Fresher)

  Qusion Technologies, Integrated Photonic Components

  MobShop, Group Buying (formerly Accompany)


Some of the companies I've invested in that have had liquidity events:

  Giganet, acquired by publicly-traded Emulex